The loom

historia de un instrumento  Since pre-Hispanic times, the loom is fundamental to the development of indigenous textiles of Mexico and other Latin American instrument.

This loom consists of two horizontal and parallel strips fastened belt, warp of calls, which are placed at the ends of the upper beam urdimbre.El is fixed to a vertical element, be it a stick stuck to the floor, a post or a tree, while the lower beam is placed by another belt around the waist of the weaver, which allows you to securely tighten the loom with a movement of his body without an additional frame.

It is a primitive instrument that allows parts of a weaving width of approximately 40-45 cm. Due to its simplicity and low cost, is the working tool of hundreds of artisans in Mexico. story of a instrument 1.
historiad de un instrumento1

The most laborious part is the preparation of the loom, where it should have and extend the wires one by one and weave them with vertical bars in order to create the pieces.
Each design is a definite thread schema is very important to go and counting each thread and following this scheme perfect way for the figures are well defined and the final composition of the piece is harmonious.

Signed: Daniela Ferrer